Sunday, August 17, 2008

Animal Planet came!

A family friend of Paul's came up this past Tuesday from down south (about 4 hours away), James Billie. He owned Billie Swamp Safari a few years back when he was chief of the indian reservation. He was the man who started all the casino's. He use to be Paul's dad's boss and they wrestled alligator's together. Well, they have a video tape of a time when James Billie's got his finger bit off by an alligator! I've seen it once before on one of those Most Extreme Videos or something. Anyways....Animal Planet came out to do an interview on them!! SOO Paul's dad is going to be on TV! Now, the whole point of this was:::

Paul got his Chiki Hut building business underway. James Billie is the one helping him out. I've heard all this talk about this guy James Billie and I finally met him! He was the man paying Paul $18-$20/hr when he was like 15-16 years old running equipment! Now, mind you, this was all when Paul lived down south with his dad at the safari. This guy was chief for 20 years and each year made $1,000,000! Do you realize how much that is! I even heard him say, from his own mouth, his chiki hut business just made him over $600,000 last year! And he is coming up this week to help Paul get everything underway. Paul and I have sat down and talked about it and we realize that all this arguing we do is because we're broke. We use to have money and didn't have to worry about bills being late. With the economy being like it is employment is becoming so hard, and Paul did go out for a while trying to find a job, but every where that deals with people driving heavy equipment are the one's who are laying off 100's of their employees! And personally, I love to work. It gets me out of the house and God knows I can't stand being locked in the house! I am just going to continue to pray to God that everything goes on the right track. I pray that my landlord works with us on rent, I pray that we will get all our bills paid, I pray that my little family will stay safe through all of this.