Sunday, August 17, 2008

This past weekend

Friday I had an interview with ALDI'S. It's a grocery store kind of like Save A Lot, my old job. I hope it went OK. I do know one thing though, I was wearing a dress and facing the man and noticed him looking at my legs. I immediately remember how hairy my legs were! OOO was it embrassing!

We also went to The Father's House to the Phat & Heavy Rock Show. It was Paul, Landon, Myself, and we also brought Paul's neice and nephew, Bobby and Tori. We left early to go eat at Ramshackles.

Saturday, Landon and I went to Tristen's birthday party. Kate really did a great job! She always throws the best parties! We were there for about 3 1/2 hours.

Paul's friend John, his girlfriend, and their son are here for a little while. Hopefully it will turn out good. I think it will help us out with bills. I've never had roommates before so I just hope I won't be too picky. They are all real nice so that's a plus. I'm not sure what we're doing today, it's only 11:30 AM. I know I have to go grocery shopping though, and boy I hate doing that!


Kellie said...

Sounds like a full weekend.

I hop e you hear good news from Aldi's!