Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I enjoy blogging

So far my journey with blogging has been great. I've really started to enjoy it. A weird thing is, I think it's actually helping me to be better organized! There are some wonderful and helpful blogs/moms/ladies out there, and I'm glad I joined the whole blogging scene. Something I really enjoy seeing are some of the before and after pictures of a once messy place! It's helped me to get motivated and stop being such a procrastinator about my own messiness! I don't think it's really messiness, but organization. I didn't know how to go about being organized, but after reading some of the blogs that are out there, I think I've started getting the gist of it. Here is a before and after set of my computer desk:


The drawers now have labels on them: Bills, Office Supplies, and Nic-Nacs. I also have the 2 notebooks there on the desk; 1 for daily lists (shopping lists, important dates, etc.) and the other for Finances. I also have to point out (you can't see much of it) my dry erase calendar! I love that thing! It has a bulletin board and NOTES section, very helpful!

Now here's just a before picture of our linen/bathroom closet. I know, there quite disturbing! I'm ashamed!

And another of my scrapbooking shelf. I'm not sure what to do with the rest of the shelves!

I just couldn't resist putting this picture of Landon up! He just has that look of "Hey! Look at meee!"

The linen closet is almost ready and I haven't even touched the scrapbooking shelves. I ended up having to work Tuesday 4:00pm-11:30pm, then come back in Wednesday 7:00am-2:30pm. Needless to say, I've been POOPED! But I love it thus far. Some of me finds it strange to be trying to clean up and get organized when we will be moving by the end of this month. We've decided to go back to Paul's grandmothers (Monie) house to help her out with the house and save for buying a house. I'm not sure how I really feel about it yet. I'm excited to save money, but not excited about not having the same privacy. I know God has a plan, he always does, and actually, Monie is the one who opened my eyes and see God.


Feeling Frugal Fairy said...

I enjoy seeing before and after pictures too!

Great job organizing! My desk is setup similar to yours, but not as tidy. I misplace so many things. I have the same type of drawers on my desk and they’re full of a mix of this & that. I like how you labeled the drawers - it inspires me to tidy-up a bit :)

Tiffiney said...

When you get house needs organizing job!! you are making me feel guilty...maybe I should get up and organize some...or maybe not.... ;)