Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just a thought

I thought I'd be getting internet this Monday but it is next Monday that I'll be getting it! That stinks!! But, I thought it'd be nice of me to go ahead and post something new. This is 1 of my frugal tips I use in our kitchen.

I bought this jug of Vanilla yogurt at Save A Lot and just spooned it into these little Gladware containers. Since I work 6-8 hour shifts here and there I like to take my lunch; of course, it isn't just for work lunches but for at home lunches as well! It's cheaper to use these small containers instead of the prepackaged yogurt. The containers come 6 in a pack or 8? I'm not at home or else I would run and check! You can even add freshly chopped fruit if you don't like plain 'ol vanilla! Hope this works for some of you out there!