Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lately, I've had a lot on my mind. Maybe, it's the fact that I'm pregnant again! Yes, we're 2 months pregnant! We've been trying for a few months, but didn't expect it to happen as fast as it did after we moved! Being pregnant sure does bring a lot of extra stress. I've been extremely tired and am awaiting the 2nd trimester to start! I didn't start working until Landon was 6 months old so that's another added stress! We've been getting a lot of work done to the house and my only hope is that everything is pretty much done by the time the baby is here. We are about 90% done with the bathroom (waiting for a vanity and cabient, new doors and trim). We also just finished adding in a backdoor to our bedroom. Paul and a friend of his are currently placing a new tiolet in Monie's bathroom. Some other things I'd like to add to our list:

1) Blinds in our room
2) Closet redo
3) Deck outside our door. Paul also wants to do this so hopefully it will happen fast!

I wish my list was only this small! I'm worried what our finanical situtation will look like 7 months from now! We've hardly done any saving and are in dire need of a new vehicle. I also need a new phone! I've had about enough of mine! I had wanted all of our Christmas shopping to be done by Black Friday, but it's not! I'm close but there's always hope for next year.

I'm going to try a few "green" ideas this time around with the baby. I want to make my own baby wipes and try and use cloth diapers. I have a feeling I will still use disposable diapers while out and about, but it will still be a money saver since I won't be using them all the time! I would like to try and start our own family traditions next year and I'll have to see where it will take us. I say this because this will be the first year in my entire 22 years of existence where I've never had a Thanksgiving. No turkey, no stuffing, sweet potatoes, no nothing! Next year this won't be. Nobody is having Thanksgiving here in FL and since we can't be in SC we won't be having one.