Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cleaning, cleaning, CLEANING!

While cleaning, do you ever find yourself thinking you're just in over your head? Well, I do! Now, I must say that I do feel good about a couple of things. I cleaned our hall,

Mind you all, we don't live in a "new" house. This house is probably 60 years old. Paul's grandparents bought the land we're on and built this house. We've made a lot of adjustments to the house and continue to do so. We put new carpet throughout, we've remodeled our bathroom, COMPLETELY, and we've even added a back door to our room. Some other main projects are:
1) Deck
2) New floor throughout kitchen, front porch, and dining area.
Back to my progress these past 3 days! Including the hallway, I also organized our bathroom caddy:

As you can see from the BEFORE picture, I didn't have any means of organization. You didn't even know where to look for anything. Now, I have baskets separating medicine, nail care, first aid, etc. We still have no medicine cabinet, meaning, we don't even have a mirror in our bathroom! So we've had to put the medicine somewhere. I have a green cover, that matches our paint, I've thrown over it to hide from Landon. We also have a pedastol sink, therefore, NO CABINET SPACE! We're on a tight budget so I'm having to use what organizational tools I have.

For today, I just have a lot of cleaning and straightening up to do. I will post some before and after pictures when I actually have an after picture! Most of this mess has come from moving back home after moving out on your own. You seem to accumulate A LOT of stuff!