Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! I know it's been a complete month since I've last updated the blog. I became a slacker over the holidays. (I think the pregnancy has something to do with that!) But, I feel like I'm back in gear and ready to get moving again. A quick update on the pregnancy: everything is going smoothly. My "all day" sickness has finally subsided and the fatigue has vanished. We're due July 7th, so I'll be 15 weeks Wednesday, I believe.

So, I thought I'd start the new year with a new blog on my path to becoming better organized. Here's what my plan for Sunday is:

1) Go to storage - try and get all valuables. Get L shaped shelving unit. I'm using this shelf:

in our kitchen. Remember, we moved back into Paul's grandmother, Monie's, house back in October. She's got a lot of unused kitchen utensils in the dining area so I'm going to figure out a better way of storing it all. Hopefully, it will serve as a food storage area. *This may be on my list*

2) Vaccum out Jeep - Landon and I washed it today, I was proud!

3) Clean dresser area in Landon's room- I've let a few boxes of junk accumulate around his dresser. I didn't have a desire to use this dresser before, but I could really use the space .

4) Get storage baskets - I'd like to check out Dollar General, Big Lots, and WalMart for these. I got some at Dollar General before and could use quite a few more.

I will try and take some BEFORE and AFTER photos of all my upcoming projects.