Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello Again!

I realize it's been almost a full month since I last updated the page. No wonder I don't have any followers! Things around here have been quite hectic. I'm 19 weeks pregnant now and am running around like the Energizer bunny. Sleeping is not on my agenda lately. I feel wide awake at midnight, and it annoys me! I feel as if I have so much left to get done before the baby arrives, and that won't be for another 5 months! I guess my need of wanting to get things done now, comes from Landon being born a month early. We had absolutely NOTHING when he was born. We only had a car seat and bassinet. I'm not going down that road again...Oh no! Hopefully, if baby corporates, we will know the sex March 4. A part of me still wants it to be a surprise, but I suppose it would be nice to have certain colors picked out. The worse thing about being pregnant, and being miles and miles away from my family and friends, is how much my emotions poor out. I have my grandmother and my dad here in Florida, and don't get me wrong, I do have some friends here; but it's not the same when you have friends who have known you since high school. They know the "real" you. I have a feeling my nesting stage is going to take me on a whirlwind.

OK, OK, so I have to tell you all, one thing I HAVE been trying to do lately, is brush up on my frugal living skills. I don't think we've ate out or had fast food for 2 weeks! That's a miracle for this family. I finally cleaned out the pantry:

(You may need to turn away for this one!)


As you can see from the before picture, we had way to many plastic containers! I may need to remind you all, we live with Paul's grandmother, Monie. She's 85 years old and feels the need to keep EVERYTHING! And I do mean EVERYTHING! I will have to take pictures of her cookbooks she insists on keeping. It can get quite annoying, but I've come to adjust. Mostly, because I love her and what she's done for me. Anyways, I decided to put like items with like items. All the BBQ sauce is together, olive oil, pancake syrup, even the items needed to make spaghetti are together. I also decided to make a place for all canned lunch items. You know, those "quick fixes" that come ever so handy. This has helped so much! Now before going to the grocery store, I can look in the pantry and know what I already have and what I need to get. I will be making one big trip to the grocery store before the baby is born. This time around, I'm going to try and premake some food items and freeze them.

I hope I can keep up with the blog since I have more time on my hands, for now anyways. I have plenty of pictures of some yummy food I've prepared. I'll be sure to share with you all!


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