Saturday, March 28, 2009

Redoing our filing system

With much ado, I figured it was time to go through my filing drawer. Something HAD to be done! I've taken a few pictures of my during process and still have much more work to do.

(and this is just the Jeep folder!)


This last picture is just my basic get together for the filing system. I don't know what I was using before, I was just throwing in paperwork and not looking at organizing it! With another baby on the way, I knew I had to make my life more practical. I've decided to use manila folders to help sub categorize my main categories. This has made organizing a breeze for me.

I had to go through my 3 drawer cart I was using as a throw all, and clean it out to put baby clothes in. I've had a mess going around in this room it's unbelievable! We were given 2 13 gallon trash bags full of baby girl clothes/toys that I've had to find the space for. That was my answer! I wish I would've taken before and after pictures, that would've been a sight for sore eyes. Going through that cart gave me a ton more paperwork to file which stinks, but it's good to get it all off my chest.

I still have so much more organizing before Eliza arrives, and I'm getting anxious about it all. I feel there's a void in my life that won't allow me to just feel, "free". I want everything to have it's place, and I don't want little nic-nacs hanging all over the place. We are limited to space and money, so I'm having to use what I've already got. Which, actually hasn't been too horrible. It's just, everything is done in our master bedroom. The computer desk is in here, which is bulky, but keeps everything put away. When we have friends over, thankfully we've finished the deck, they normally come into our room to do what not, use the bathroom, watch TV, etc. Paul's grandma, Monie, stays in the living room. She's 85 years old so we don't want people coming back and forth through the living room making it loud for her. My ultimate dream would be figuring out how to stay sane through all my organizing. I feel accomplished with what little I've done over the past few months, and I have Eliza to thank for that. She just keeps on a kicking me forward! HA!

Oh, a few more pictures of our deck!

AFTER (With some cleaning up to do!)