Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on Potty Training!

I am pleased to announce that we are officially potty trained! You heard right, POTTY TRAINED! Of course, we've not started on potty training at night, I don't want to frighten little L! I'm so happy for him, he's becoming such a young man as DH likes to call him. I must also say that I'm proud of us, as parents, with this success! We managed to get L off the binkie a few months ago and now our dedication with potty training has paid off. He's going to be a great big brother and I can't help but to think, he's realized he's going to have someone to help look after and is ready for that new position as Big Brother. It's time he wash his hands clean of the "baby" stuff as he will be 3 next month!


Abbie said...

Wow, congratulations to you, and your son! Tyler is my older and he is 2 1/2. When I ask him if he needs to use the potty he yells, "NO WAY!" and heads in the other direction. *sigh* someday we'll get there.
Thanks for the post!