Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby shopping

Today, my grandmother took me baby shopping! I love my grandma so much, she and my grandfather adopted me when I was little and raised me, they are my parents. As soon as I got home I knew I was going to need to make a space for all the baby supplies. I have a 3 drawer wheeled storage cart I got a while back but used for junk drawers, so I decided to make this like a dresser to store all of baby's clothing. Here's a picture of a shelving unit I decided to get when taxes came around:


Nothing on these shelves is really organized. I have those clear containers on the bottom there that are labeled and pretty much organized. Nothing else had an exact place!

I'm so happy I got this shelving unit in order! It looks fantastic! Well, compared to what it was before! The bottom shelf did not need any changing (that filing container is filled with some medical items, medicine, etc. I really want to find another place to put it so no little hands can get to it). The shelf above that one has all of L's supplies. Diapers for naps, bed time, and pull ups for the road. There are also containers for his play dough and supplies, as well as arts and crafts. The next shelf is specifically for the baby! Baby diapers and supplies simply put. The top shelf has all the cleaning supplies needed for our bathroom and first aid supplies.

Aside from organizing I vacuumed out the jeep. It needs to be cleaned a little more, but is nicer then it was before!


AmyK said...

Your shelves look fantastic!

Jen said...

Good Job. When you have things organized life runs smoother. Good luck with your new baby girl, I love her name!

Jessica said...

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