Saturday, May 16, 2009

Landon's 3rd Birthday Plans

Landon’s 3rd Birthday Party Plans
(Sunday, May 24th, 2009)

Place- Our house!

Pizza: 4 should be enough - I hope!
Toppings: Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, & Bacon? That sounds like a good choice to me. I’m thinking maybe 6 pizzas and just get 2 Cheese and 2 Pepperoni then Ham & Bacon. Or maybe just 2 cheese and 2 pepperoni, that sounds more appealing as I type.

Chips and homemade salsa (Still need to find a recipe. My friend Kate made some fantastic dip at her St. Patty’s party, I need to ask her about it!) I’ll also probably get some regular variety chips and dip. Not sure yet.

Kool aid
Punch (Should try and get recipe from Memaw. She has the best punch at holidays!)
If the punch idea doesn’t play out, even if it does possibly, I’m thinking of getting some cola. Of course not just cola but stuff like Mt. Dew, Sprite, etc. I really need to remember ICE the day before!

I’ve thought about making some homemade chocolate chip cookies, but with the cake, I don’t know if I should.
I’m still not sure if the idea that I have of a cake is going to be the one I choose. There’s a cake on the bake of the Betty Crocker Cake mix box. It has a round pan cake on the bottom, then has 4 or 5 cupcakes on top of that. Then 3, and then 1. You should get the drift!

I don’t exactly have a theme for the party either, which I’m thinking I’d like to rethink. It’s going to be outdoors. There will be a small pool for the young kids along with a small swing set. We have a sand pile and a octopus water toy. We have some horseshoes also. I’d like to have like a slip and slide for the bigger kids. We’ll have the food inside on the kitchen table and outside on the table under the canopy. We have a picnic table and umbrella by the sand pile also. I think we’ll have to set up the other green umbrella just for some extra shade.


The Dollar General down the road from our house has quite a few birthday party favors. I skimmed through and grabbed a few things. Since I’m going to be just about 34 weeks come the 24th, I want to try and not over do myself for all of this. I wanted to do more, but the reality really is, I may not feel up to doing too much. My friend Kate, who is giving me a baby shower, had a family member involved in a horrible car accident. They are not sure if he is going to make it or not. We were planning on having it June 13th or 14th but with the current events, I’m not sure it will play out! It will be a busy next few weeks here in our household.

Back to the party update, I still don’t really have 1 clear theme, and I don’t think we actually HAVE a theme. It’s an outdoors party I suppose. We have a pool, swing set, & big sand pile. We’re wanting to get a Slip N Slide to allow the bigger kids to have some fun! I’m also thinking more of baking cupcakes and shaping them together? I just haven’t decided! I am steadily trying to keep myself from breaking down and buying one pre-made! STAY AWAY! Just STAY AWAY!