Sunday, May 17, 2009

Landon's Birth Story

Tuesday May 23, 2006 I went in for my regular check up at the doctor’s office. I had mentioned to him that I thought I may be leaking amniotic fluid, so he took a test to determine if I was. He said if it was positive then I’d have to go to the hospital. To my disbelief, it was positive. I was 35 weeks - I hadn’t even had my baby shower! I was very scared and nervous; all of these thoughts of not being ready came flooding in. Paul’s mom, Connie, drove me to the hospital while I called him to tell him what was going on. When we arrived at the hospital (luckily we were already pre-registered) I was put in a room and later induced at 4:00pm.

Since I’ve decided to wait 3 years to write this, my memory may not serve me well. I’m going to go back to the following Sunday before my Tuesday appointment. Paul, I and some friends, decided to go swimming at Gator Joes. We stopped at a store where a lady had mentioned that it looked like I had dropped and should be having the baby any day now. Little did I know how right she was! Before going to my appointment on Tuesday, I had a meeting with a woman, Shawn, who works with Healthy Families. As she was leaving I jokingly told her that this baby might even come today if he wants! Boy was that the wrong thing to say.

I had made a conscious decision on going through the labor and delivery with no medication. No matter what the pain, I definitely did not want an epidural. Shortly after being induced the contractions started coming on. They were strong and painful but I managed to get through them to the best of my ability. Come 12:00am nothing was progressing, I had not dilated any farther then the 2 cm I was to begin with. I chose to break my decision and get a pain medication that went through my IV. It made me feel like I’d had about 5 glasses of wine! It’s a blurry memory of what all went on in between that time since I was woozy at that time. The main reasoning behind choosing the medication - I needed rest! You see, I’m a BIG worry wart, I have been my entire life. I don’t think I slept or even rested at all while in the hospital. I was too worried about my baby to sleep! Then, around 4:00am I had the dreadful epidural. I was being prepped for a cesarean. If I hadn’t had the epidural 2 hours before the surgery, the contractions would’ve prevented me from getting one, leading to me being put under anesthetics. I was NOT going to be asleep when my child was brought into the world! I don’t remember much of what happened between 4 & 6:00am.

I remember the nurses coming in in a hurry, saying something about the babies heart rate was dropping and that we needed to get into surgery. The OR was a scary place. Laying on my back not being able to move, starring at the ceiling and all of the lights. I had Paul by my side which was helpful, but I was still very scared. After Landon was brought into the world, the nurses quickly showed me that he was OK and rushed him to be put on oxygen. I didn’t even get to give him a kiss! :( His face was purple from pushing on my cervix. But, he was one beautiful baby! :)

After the surgery I was put in recovery, where again, I wasn’t able to rest because of the thought of my baby being OK. The nurses continually told me that if I didn’t get any rest I wouldn’t be able to see my baby for awhile. I tried to act like I was resting by closing my eyes! I was brought back to my room shortly after being in recovery. They brought Landon to me minutes after getting to the room. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, he was perfect. Absolutely perfect! I thank God for him every day and now with another baby on it’s way, I pray things go smoothly and we’re blessed with another perfect baby. :)